Console Commands (Cheats) for Pillars of Eternity

If you're using the IE Mod, you can just use these commands without any prerequisites.
If you're not using the IE Mod, some of these commands will not be available at all, others will not be usable by default, you need to enable cheats by typing in iroll20s. This will activate cheats for this game, but will disable achievements. Achievements will be reactivated and cheats disabled when you reload the game (it's not necessary to exit the game entirely). But like I said, you can just use the mod and not worry about anything else, achievements will still work.


1. How to add an NPC to party?
(It's been reported that a creature that joined your party this way may be bugged after you reload a save in which you have it already joined your party or after you transition to another area, so exercise caution and only use this command to experiment)
You need an NPC's id first. The way you do it is simple, you just need to be on the same map with the npc.
Type FindCharacter NPCname - for example you want to add Medreth to your party, you type "FindCharacter Medreth". You will see a few lines like NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man, etc, and one of them will be NPC_Medreth. This is the id that you need.
Now type AddToParty NPC_Medreth
And voila. Here Medreth joined the party:



2. Change zoom range
SetZoomRange minValue maxValue - will not change your current zoom, but will allow you to zoom really close and really far with the mouse wheel... try typing SetZoomRange 0.1 200
Then your max zoom will be like this (dat grass...)



And your max zoom out will be this:


You can input any values of course.


3. Force an NPC who is not a party member to walk somewhere
AIPathToPoint id1 id2 movementType
id1 = it's the guy who you want moved. For example NPC_Medreth_Guard_Dwarf
id2 = it's where you want the guy to go. You can give him anything you can find in FindObject or FindCharacter... You can give him TurningWheel(Clone) or NPC_Villager_Female_03 and he'll go there. He won't go if he can't reach that place.
MovementType = it's a number 2, 3 or 4... 2 = walk, 3 = run, 4 = sprint
Example: AIPathToPoint NPC_Medreth_Guard_Dwarf NPC_Villager_Female_03 2


4. Make NPC (who are not party members) fight someone
Same principle as with above, the command is AIForceAttack id1 id2
Example: AIForceAttack NPC_Medreth_Guard_Dwarf NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man


5. Jump to another area
AreaTransition MapName PointLocation
Example: AreaTransition AR_0002_Dyrford_Tavern_01 North1
The list of all areas: link
List of all PointLocations: link
Or instead of using a pointlocation, just type its number, like 1.
By the way, instead of long names, you can just use the corresponding number of the area from the file.
Most of them don't seem to be in the game as of beta.


6. Unlock an area on the world map or all areas
WorldMapSetVisibility mapname visibilitytype (visibilitytypes are: 0 = locked, 1 = unlocked, 2 = hidden, 3 = developerOnly) - unlocks a certain area
UnlockAllMaps - unlocks them all
Of course it's useless to try unlocking areas that aren't supposed to be drawn on the map, like some caves.
If the name of the area indicates it to be outdoors, you can try it. For example: WorldMapSetVisibility AR_0301_Ondras_Gift_Exterior 1
Here's a screenshot of a few of them unlocked (in beta, their names are just *missing strings*)



7. Deal damage to anyone
Same deal as before.
DealDamage ID value
Example: DealDamage NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man 200


8. Kill anyone
Example: Kill NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man


9. HealParty
Doesn't require any parameters.


10. Unlock container (ignoring lock)
Open chest_01 true
UnlockAll - unlocks all containers in the area.


11. Open container (ignoring lock) (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
OpenContainer chest_01


12. Jump to mouse cursor (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
Usage: Jump (no parameters required)
Teleports selected characters under the mouse cursor, but only if the cursor is on the navmesh.


13. Hire an NPC
OpenCharacterCreationNewCompanion cost endingLevel
The first parameter represents how much it will cost if the player does hire this companion.
The second one stands for what level the companion will be.
Example: OpenCharacterCreationNewCompanion 0 8


14. Rest
Forces rest no matter where you are and no matter what your supplies are.


15. Make someone hostile
Example: SetIsHostile CRE_Boar_Animal_Companion(Clone) true
Example2: SetIsHostile CRE_Boar_Animal_Companion(Clone) false


16. Various teleports
TeleportObejctToLocation guid guid
TeleportPartyToLocation guid
TeleportPlayerToLocation guid
Example: TeleportPartyToLocation CRE_Boar_Animal_Companion(Clone)


17. Spawn an encounter
EncounterSpawn id -- the IDs can be found using the GameObject Browser (console command: tt ). You go up the heirarchy until you're at the top, then go into 2_Design_Area_Encounters and there you will have your IDs. Sometimes the devs don't put the encounters into 2_Design_Area_Encounters and they just hang at the top of the heirarchy along with other gameobjects, but can easily be identified, because they start with "ENC_".


18. Spawn a creature  (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
BSC creaturename bool (0 - for friendly, 1 - for hostile)

For now, the only names known are the file names starting with "cre_" in assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle
So for example to spawn a friendly "Obsidian Wurm" (it's an animal companion), you type:
BSC cre_wurm_obsidian_pet 0

For a hostile druid cat:
BSC cre_druid_cat01 1



19. Advance Quest (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
First, you need to get the internal names of your active quests using ListActiveQuests
This will yield a bunch of lines such as data/quests/ -- sometimes you'll have to guess which quest is which, for instance this name is assigned to Dyrford's quest known to players as "Cat and Mouse".
Once you know the exact internal name, use ForceAdvanceQuest name
Example: ForceAdvanceQuest data/quests/


20. Respec your party members (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
This console command allows you to respec yourself or your party members (drops them to level 0 and allows you to relevel them up), or you can do the same thing, but also change their class. Changing the class is optional.
The console command is:
ChangeClass <name> <Class>
As always, you must find the ingame name of your characters using the "FindCharacter name".
So let's say you want to respec Aloth.
Type in "FindCharacter Aloth". You'll get something like Companion_Aloth(Clone)_1 in the console. This is the name you should use.
Now do ChangeClass Companion_Aloth(Clone)_1 Wizard - your companion will fall down to level 0 and you'll be able to level him up differently from how he was.
Or type ChangeClass Companion_Aloth(Clone)_1 Fighter - and he'll turn into a level 0 fighter instead.
Warning: do not attempt to transition/quit/save game while your character is level 0. You need to level him up first. Do not attempt to open your grimoire, etc. Just immediately proceed to leveling up.
It removes all talents and abilities, except racial ones and except Watcher's abilities, but that last part is not entirely true. I haven't progressed deep enough into the story to find all Watcher abilities, so it only makes an exception for Crucible_of_the_Soul and 3 more. I will include others as I discover them, but for now you will lose them if you're going to respec your main character. You can get them back through the AddAbility console command, so it's not a problem. Note that you will also lose your abilities gained through equipment, but you will regain them as soon as you reload your save.
In any case, exercise caution with this console command, consider it experimental.

If you're respeccing into a Paladin or a Cleric, you'll need to manually assign yourself a Paladin Order or a Deity. Use the following console commands:

AssignClericalGod charname godName
Charname should be used like in the IERemove method and not like in Obsidian standard commands.
Possible values for godame: None, Berath Eothas, Magran, Skaen, Wael.

AssignPaladinOrder charname orderName
Charname should be used like in the IERemove method and not like in Obsidian standard commands.
Possible values for ordername: None, BleakWalkers, DarcozziPaladini, GoldpactKnights, KindWayfarers, ShieldbearersOfStElcga, FrermasMesCancSuolias.

Update: Sagani will now keep her Itumaak even if you respec her into another class.
If you respec Sagani into any other class, no further actions are necessary, you're all good.
However, if you respec her into Ranger, you will be promoted to pick an animal companion by the game. It's just a formality, so pick any. When you're done, Sagani will still keep her Itumaak. However, another action is required now.
You need to type FixSagani id. It's the same id you used in the ChangeClass command.
So if you did ChangeClass Companion_Sagani(Clone)_2 Ranger, now you have to do FixSagani Companion_Sagani(Clone)_2

Hivarias will lose his special shapeshift if you respec him, I've been told, but I'll fix it when I encounter him in game.


21. Rename character
New a console command to allow you to rename creatures. This is important for when you respec into a Ranger, because your companion will be called something like BearCompanion.
So again, find your companion's ingame name, then use RenameCreature ingamename newname
Example: RenameCreature Animal_Companion_Wolf(Clone) Wolfie


22. Disable fog of war


23. GodMode


24. Party becomes invisible for everyone


25. Nobody takes any damage
NoDamage 1 (to turn it on)
NoDamage 0 (to turn it off)


26. Camera Speed
CameraMoveDelta float
Default value is 1. You can use values like 0.5 or 2 or 1.5, etc...


27. Achievements (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.)
CheckAchievements - this checks whether you have accidentally disabled achievements for this playthrough or not. The only way you could've done it is by typing iroll20s, by the way.
ReenableAchievements - for people who disabled them accidentally.


28. Path of the Damned
SwitchPOTD - changes your game difficulty to Path of the Damned. Or if it's already at POTD, changes it back to Hard.


29. Helmet Visibility
HelmetVisibility true/false
Affects only currently selected party members.


30. Default Zoom
SetDefaultZoom value. Default is 1.


31. Utility
ToggleSpellLimit - makes you ignore spell limits.
FreeRecipesToggle - allows crafting without having the ingredients.
CraftingDebug - gives you all kinds of crafting supplies, a great amount of them.
AddItem itemname number - example: AddItem misc_troll_head 1 (the names of the items are the names of the files located in PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle)
GivePlayerMoney number
AddExperience number
AddExperienceToLevel number -- gives you enough experience to reach level "number"
AddAbility charname abilityname - Use FindCharacter Name to get the charname that you can use. FindCharacter Aloth will yield you something like Companion_Aloth(Clone)_1, so this is the name that you have to use. Abilities are found in PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle. So the end result should looks like AddAbility Companion_Aloth(Clone)_1 necrotic_lance
AddTalent charname talentname - (same here, but talents are prefaced with a "tln_"... do not try adding without it)
Skill charname skillname value - example: Skill player stealth 10 (player is what you type in when you mean your own character). Example2: Skill Companion_Aloth(Clone)_1 stealth 10
The value is the amount of points that have been spent on the skill, rather than the resulting skill. For example, to get rating 6, you need to have spent (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 21) points to get there.
AttributeScore charname attribute value - example: AttributeScore player might 20 (this is base attribute score, so sometimes you'll end up with a slightly higher score because of racial bonuses)
RemoveTalent charname ability/talent. Works both for talents and abilities. Works like AddTalent or AddAbility. Preface talents with "tln_".
IERemove SimpleName Ability/Talent (requires IEMod) An easier to use variation of the previous command. You can use simple names and partial names for abilities/talents. Example1: IERemove Eder Rapid_Recov or IERemove Kana The_Thunder


32. Stronghold Related
ActivateStronghold - if you don't have a stronghold yet, you can activate it like this
StrongholdBuild type - all types are listed here: link
StrongholdDestroy type
StrongholdForceAdventure type - adventure types are listed here: link
StrongholdForceVisitor index - a number ranging from 0 to I don't know
StrongholdForceAttack index - same
AdjustSecurity int - can be a positive or a negative number
AdjustPrestige int - can be a positive or a negative number
AdvanceTimeByHours int


33. Misc
Screenshake durationValue strengthValue - example Screenshake 1 1
SoulMemoryCameraEnable true (or false) - Gives you some kind of tunnel vision and everything becomes somewhat purple
UnlockBestiary - unlocks all cyclopedia entries in Journal -> Cyclopedia -> Bestiary
DispositionAddPoints axis strength - axis, strength
ReputationAddPoints Faction Axis Strength - faction, axis, strength
SetGlobalValue name value
SetWantsToTalk guid true - force a party memeber to want to talk
StartQuest questName


34. Memorials
Memorial entries were exposed for you to rewrite them. If an enthusiast decides to edit them in order to make them more lore-friendly, all he has to do is the following: Type ExtractMemorials in the console. A new file will appear at Managed/iemod/MemorialEntries.xml. You can then edit it. Once you're done, you can then share it with other people and the IEMod will automatically use this file if it's placed in the /iemod/ folder. If you want to remove certain memorial entries, you can just leave their title and/or text empty, the mod will automatically hide the entry in game.


35. The ones I haven't figured out:
ChangeWaterLevel (id, single, single) -- probably didn't find the right id for water... didn't look very hard, either
AddPrisoner id -- It probably puts people in your prison, but only works on those that can be emprisoned in the first place?